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We assist businesses of varying sizes in revolutionising their online audience engagement.

Website Design & Development

A website serves as a crucial brand touchpoint, a versatile business tool, and a catalyst for driving essential conversions. A stellar website has the potential to propel business growth, while a subpar one can tarnish your brand’s reputation.

However, achieving outstanding web design is no small feat. Today’s audiences hold high standards, and you only have seconds—perhaps milliseconds—to persuade visitors that your site merits their attention.

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Our Web Design Flow

Once your branding is solidified, we dive into web development. Your narrative needs to be meticulously crafted and leap off the screen—after all, it’s your prime opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

1 .Scope
We commence by building our comprehension of your business. We engage with key stakeholders and delve deeply into the data at your disposal, including the performance metrics of any existing site.

Our objective is to initiate research on your users promptly. This may entail conversing with your customers, generating or analysing quantitative research such as surveys, or conducting user testing on the current site.
2. Strategy
A website strategy aligns the proposed structure, content, and features of the website with business objectives. This phase involves making high-level decisions regarding the website’s direction.

During the strategy phase, a seasoned website strategist collaborates with design and content specialists to conduct research, pinpoint challenges and opportunities, and provide recommendations. By the phase’s conclusion, we present a strategy document that serves as a roadmap for website creation, establishing the project’s tone.
3. Design Prep
We develop mock layouts for each page, comprising simple black and white designs outlining the placement of page elements.
4. Design & Build
Design is where the hard work really starts to pay off. We begin with an exploratory phase – as the name suggests, we explore a range of possibilities with you, getting a feel for how to represent your brand.

Some of our clients have strict brand guidelines, while others are looking for guidance on how to define or re-imagine their brand – we’re equally comfortable working with both.

The deliverables for the design phase are full-colour mock-ups of each template, which build on the wireframes created during planning. Each mock-up is presented to your team for detailed feedback as we go, starting with the homepage. And since a fully responsive design is non-negotiable, we design separately for desktop, mobile, and tablet, optimising every element and interaction for each device.
5. Copywriting
Everyone writes. But not everyone writes effectively for the web.

Our copywriters are adept at crafting concise and impactful content to captivate ever-shrinking attention spans. They excel at unfolding compelling narratives and ensuring seamless page flow. With the ability to think like a first-time site visitor, they create pages that are appealing to both humans and search engine bots. Moreover, they delve deeply into product features, service offerings, and more to craft messages that resonate.

Additionally, we leverage AI to enhance this process further.
6. SEO
SEO is integral to the foundation of an effective website, not just an add-on. Constructing your site first and considering SEO later can lead to missed opportunities or jeopardise existing equity.
7. Development, QA and Launch
At this stage, we provide training for you and your staff, collaborating with third parties if necessary to finalize the setup. Our goal is to ensure that the site is fully prepared for launch.