Murdock Hardwood, Newry

Murdock Hardwood
E-Commerce | Brochure/Catalog Style
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Banbridge Website Studio collaborated with Murdock Hardwood, owners, and staff to undertake a much-needed update of their website, which had not been refreshed in over a decade. The goal was to create a modern and user-friendly platform that showcased their extensive range of bespoke hardwood products, doors, and floors.

We delivered a catalog-style website with an e-commerce approach, allowing customers and clients to easily view and explore their products online. The site was designed to highlight the beauty and quality of Murdock Hardwood's offerings while providing a seamless shopping experience.

By working closely with the owners and staff, we ensured that the new website met their specific requirements and reflected the essence of their brand. The result was a refreshed and functional website that not only showcased their products effectively but also provided an intuitive browsing experience for their customers.

We are proud to have partnered with Murdock Hardwood on this project and to have contributed to their online presence in the hardwood industry.