Golf365 NI, Banbridge

Golf365 NI
E-Commerce Shopify Setup
Newry | Banbridge
Date Completed
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Banbridge Website Studio had the pleasure of working with Golf365 NI to create a complete Shopify setup, including custom apps for booking. Golf365 NI is a premier golfing destination in Northern Ireland, and our collaboration aimed to provide them with an efficient and user-friendly e-commerce platform for their golfing services.

For Golf365 NI's Shopify setup, our team focused on creating a seamless and intuitive online store that would allow customers to easily browse and book their golfing experiences. We integrated custom booking apps tailored to their specific needs, enabling customers to select tee times, book lessons, and purchase memberships directly through the website. The platform was designed to be responsive and user-friendly, providing a smooth booking process for golf enthusiasts.

In addition to the Shopify setup, we developed custom apps to enhance the functionality of the platform. These apps included features such as real-time availability, automated confirmation emails, and member login portals. The goal was to streamline the booking process for both customers and staff, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The result was a robust and efficient e-commerce platform that effectively showcased Golf365 NI's golfing services and allowed for seamless bookings. The custom apps added value by providing advanced features tailored to their specific requirements, enhancing the overall user experience.

We are proud to have partnered with Golf365 NI on this project and to have contributed to their success with a Shopify setup and custom apps that streamline their booking process and provide customers with a convenient and enjoyable golfing experience.